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Like many, Zuh-Cari got her start in church but unlike many by the age of 15, Zuh-Cari had experienced loss, heartbreak, betrayal, and discrimination.


Zuh-Cari is an artist, vocalist, lyricist, and songwriter who uses her art to unite people with similar experiences and remind us that we’re all connected despite our differences.


In 2018, Zuh-Cari's older brother was a victim of senseless gun violence in Decatur, Illinois. The tragedy of this loss caused her family to abruptly uproot and move to Springfield, Illinois. 


In 2019, Zuh-Cari took her talents to the stage and won 1st place at the Southeast High School's Talent Competition! This win led to her collaboration with HISO Music and her EP was born.


In 2021, Zuh-Cari's first EP "Do Not Disturb" was released covering topics such as violence in the black community, systematic oppression, racism, implicit bias, and more. Her EP "Do Not Disturb" walks us through her stages of grief as she mourns the loss of her brother. The EP begins with a tone of depression, then transitions to coping, and ends with acceptance and hope for a better tomorrow.


"At the start of the project, I was still mourning the loss of my brother, so most of the beats surrounding that period were centered around my depression and the dark headspace that I was in. Towards the end of the process, the tone of the EP changed to a more hopeful mood and shows how how I’ve grown as a writer and a person."


“My end goal is just to relate to people like me and actually have people listen to me firsthand. I feel that my songwriting communicates how I feel more efficiently than my actual deep conversations do sometimes.”


Zuh-Cari’s EP “Do Not Disturb” is out now on most platforms.



"Streetlights" by Zuh-Cari feat. TaQsem

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