Hi! I'm Besserat, Founder and CEO of Good News Enterprises. Most people know me as a fashion model, what most don't know is that I have a vast skillset in entertainment. I created Good News Enterprises to help talent and creatives build a solid foundation that can lead them to success.

I offer many services such as creative direction, artist development, talent management and booking, event production, consulting, and more!

Are you interested in expanding your brand? Need help in pursuing your passion? Are you stuck and just don't know where to next? I can help you.

The Story

Besserat Habtes is an Eritrean-American fashion model hailing from the Midwest. She was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. Besserat specializes in runway modeling and has traveled across the nation and even overseas modeling in countless runway shows. She has been featured in numerous publications and runway shows such as Hope for Women Magazine, NFocus Louisville Magazine, LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and more. 



In 2016, Besserat transitioned from the forefront to behind the scenes and began producing her own events. She's produced many events ranging from music, fashion, fundraisers and benefits to name a few. Her experience as a fashion model fostered the knowledge needed to know and understand what it takes to put on a successful production.



From event production, she transitioned to social media management, talent booking and management. Besserat has a host of clients and is most known for her work with local cover band, Kapital Sound. A key factor to Besserat's success is that she's not only resourceful but skilled at filling in the gaps. She's no stranger to education and has been known to learn new skills such as graphic and web design to help elevate her clients. 


In her spare time she enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling, and listening to live music. Besserat's goal is to ultimately give back to her community. She hopes to create more platforms for talent to shine at home and develop their craft before embarking onto the next chapter.


"There are so many talented people in Central Illinois, but not a lot of opportunity. Let's change that." - Besserat Habtes


What is ብስራት?

  • ብስራት is Beserat (Besserat) spelled in Geʽez.

  • Besserat means "good news" in Tigrinya.

  • Tigrinya - also spelled Tigrigna, is an Ethiopic language spoken in Eritrea and in northern Ethiopia in the Tigray region. It is also spoken by the global diaspora of these regions.

  • Geʽez is a script (alphabet) used by the native languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • Besserat is originally from Eritrea.

  • Good News Enterprises was named after the Founder and CEO, Besserat Betsy Habtes.


Meet Our Clients


Gym and Fitness Training

GG's Wood Creations

GG's Wood Creations

Custom Wood Designs

Entertainment Company

Flavored Tobacco

Live Entertainment & Sound Engineering

Jazz Club


Clothing & Apparel

Interior Design

Creative Music Marketing Agency

Patricia Evans Dulin

Patricia Evans Dulin

Minister, Author, & Public Speaker



Clothing & Apparel

Production Company

Tsehai Design

Tsehai Design

Handwoven designs made from Ethiopia and Eritrea