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Born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois, Kaream Williams musically known as TaQsem is a Jamaican-American Artist. Inspired by hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and classical music, TaQsem brings a unique blend with his music and attributes much of his sound to growing up as a first generation American with roots from Jamaica.

A TaQsem (Taqsīm) is one of the principal instrumental genres of Arabic and Turkish classical music. A Taqsīm is ordinarily improvised and consists of several sections.

TaQsem wears several titles as Musician, Producer, and Artist. With over 20 songs in his catalogue, TaQsem works daily to achieve his goal of making music that transcends genres and reaches people around the world.​ The versatility of flow as well as his production will take you on a ride.



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