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Roddrick Lemar is a Christian artist born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2008 Roddrick moved to Springfield, Illinois. Gifted on several instruments, Roddrick has been the head musician at King of Kings Christian Assembly for nine years, helping to develop the music department into what it is today.


Roddrick has performed throughout much of the Midwest. He started making beats and writing songs in the 6th grade. Roddrick's music is influenced by a diverse group, ranging from hip hop, rock, gospel, and everything in between.


Roddrick was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost when he was seventeen years old (according to ACTS 2:38). Roddrick is striving to be the best father, husband, musician, and business man he can be. Above all he is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ, reaching the hearts and minds of youth, and using his musical gift to inspire souls to come to Christ.


"Leave Nor Forsake Us" - Roddrick Lemar

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