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DMAlexander on Sax


David Alexander is a saxophonist from Chicago who currently resides in Springfield, Illinois. He has always been passionate about music. David’s knowledge of music developed through his experience in the school band. In school, he learned the fundamentals and how to read music.


From there he began to play in church. Playing in church helped David mature his hearing and sharpen his ability to play by ear.


After playing at churches, he began playing in venues outside of church and school such as parties, weddings, festivals, and more. His passion for music led him to volunteer for music events which opened doors to play professionally.


Today David has played with many different bands and performed a variety of genres including but not limited to jazz, soul, R&B, blues, and alternative rock. Over the past decade, David has been a part of countless studio recordings, performances, and occasionally performs as a solo act. David is most proud of his work with Josiah Williams. Because of him David's artistry is available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Pandora, and YouTube to name a few. His versatility is evident in his unique playing ability and style. 

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"Shine" by Josiah Williams feat. Tasji Bachman, Hyper Fenton, Emmitt James & David Alexander

"Together We Work" by Josiah Williams feat. David Alexander

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